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Nowhere Prophet

A roguelike deck-building game set after a technological apocalypse. · By Sharkbomb Studios


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Daily Challenge (0.17.014 Sadhana)
It's update time! And it's another big one... The biggest part of this update is the brand new DAILY CHALLENGE game mode! I've talked about it in the last few d...
#005 - Daily Challenge, Intro and more
Welcome to this update! Time to talk about what happened last week, and what's on the menu for this week! It's been a busy week but I managed to finish lots of...
Dev Update #004
Welcome to this Nowhere Prophet dev update! Let's talk about a few things that have happened, what I'm currently working on and what's next on the horizon for N...
Bugfix update (v0.17.005)
Ooof... So... I've got a confession to make. But before I get into that: I've just uploaded a bugfix update patch. As usual you can find a list of all changes b...
3 files — 0.17.005 Sadhana
Event Overhaul (0.17.001 Sadhana)
This update is all about the random events! All the events in game have been touched and overhauled. The changes may be small in many but a few have been comple...
Balancing & Backers (v0.16.010 Rishi)
Suffering under the heat I bring you another update! This one has a deceptively short changelog but a lot of things have cahnged. I've spent most of August play...
3 files — 0.16.010 Rishi
Reopening the First Access
So at the end of June I've officially shut down the First Access. Primarily because I wanted to wrap up all the rewards: Since they all need some time to be put...
Blessed be! (v0.16.001 Rishi)
I'm busy polishing the game, getting in the last bits of content and making sure it plays as good as I can. That means this release is mostly tweaks, such as th...
3 files — 0.16.001 Rishi
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