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Nowhere Prophet community

A roguelike deck-building game set after a technological apocalypse.

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Recent updates

Fortification Events - v0.12.010
And it's time for another update! We're still on the MANDALA cycle since this - and the next few updates - will be smaller than the last one. This one is all a...
3 files — 0.12.010 Mandala
New Items - 0.12.004
MANDALA , circle. After the long wait for the last update, 0.12 has come a lot faster. I'll continue updating it in smaller doses until the end of the year. Thi...
3 files — 0.12.004 Mandala
New Convoy, New Enemies - 0.11.017
LOKA , The World that is Seen. And now there's more to see of the broken world of Soma. The first major update is here! A lot of things have changed. The key fo...
3 files — 0.11.017 Loka
Bugfix update 0.10.012
Just a real quick update to fix a bug in the tutorial. In some cases the first fight of the game would not start and the game would freeze instead. This patch s...
3 files — 0.10.012 Karma
Bugfix update 0.10.011
Another quick bugfix release that cleans up some minor bugs and fixes some issues in the content and clarifies some interface elements. Changelog Gameplay: - R...
3 files — 0.10.011 Karma
Bugfix update 0.10.010
A quick bugfix release taking care of most of the reported bugs and minor issues to date. It should make the game run a bit more stable and fix a bunch of the w...
3 files — 0.10.010 Karma
First Access Release!
And it's live! Nowhere Prophet is on sale starting NOW . After about three years of development it's finally seeing the light of day. I hope you enjoy playing...
3 files — 0.10.009 Karma
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