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Nowhere Prophet community

A roguelike deck-building game set after a technological apocalypse.

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Recent updates

Balancing & Bugfixes - v0.13.017
And it's time for another update! This one's full of balancing, bug fixes and a few bits of new content. For example there's a set of 10 new enemies (one for ea...
3 files — 0.13.018 Nirvana
Tweaks & Touchups - v0.13.010
After the big first update in February this one has turned out to be a bit smaller than planned. There's been a bunch of fixes and changes here and there. The m...
3 files — 0.13.010 Nirvana
Follower Overhaul - v0.13.001
Hoo boy. This is a big one! Reason enough to jump from 0.12 to 0.13 and graduate to NIRVANA . This update is dedicated to the true MVPs of this game: your follo...
3 files — 0.13.001 Nirvana
Bugfix update 0.12.023
Stealth update time! It seems the last update was proper kaput. I had tested it here locally but for some weird reason the version I uploaded was broken. It s...
3 files — 0.12.023 Mandala
Bugfix update 0.12.022
There's a nasty crash bug that seems to randomly happen during combat. I've tried to isolate and fix it and hope this update does the job. However to get a bett...
3 files — 0.12.022 Mandala
Devlog 003
A small update via the devlog: What's happened and what's next. And if you worry about me sounding so tired: I've recorded the video on a Friday afternoon afte...
Help & Difficulty Select - v0.12.011
It's the last day of January so still plenty of time to release the second January build. So today it's time for v0.12.021 . And just as planned, another conv...
3 files — 0.12.021 Mandala
Tower Class - v0.12.016
New year, new update. I initially wanted to release this one before Christmas, but as mentioned in the roadmap: Things got a little chaotic and it just did not...
3 files — 0.12.016 Mandala
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