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Nowhere Prophet community

A roguelike deck-building game set after a technological apocalypse.

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Sneaky update time! (0.14.014 Om) x2
Time for another quick update. Just some bugfixes and one larger change: You can now properly enter the camp screen at any node on the map. You don't have to re...
3 files — 0.14.013 Om
Bugfix update 0.14.008
Time for a mid-may update! This one features a bunch of interface improvements and assorted minor changes. Right now I'm in the middle of overhauling a bunch of...
3 files — 0.14.008 Om
The Final Map - v0.14.001 Om
It's time for the final fight! THE CRYPT With this update the last map has been added. This allows you to finally unlock the mysteries of the Crypt. Together wi...
First Access Sales Data
It's the six month in First Access mark and that's a good time to look back and see how things have shaken out. To that end I've spent some time poring over the...
Q2 Roadmap
After the Q1 roadmap it's now time for the Q2 Roadmap! You can see it all in the image above, but let's go through it one by one. You'll notice that in contrast...
Q1 Roadmap Wrapup
And the first Quarter of 2018 has come and gone. Time to look back at the Q1 roadmap and take stock, to see which goals I reached and which ones I missed. JAN...
Loadout Cleanup - v0.13.022
March update number 2, on the very last day of the month. I'm cutting it a bit close but since I was travelling for the last few weeks that's pretty much how it...
3 files — 0.13.022 Nirvana
Balancing & Bugfixes - v0.13.017
And it's time for another update! This one's full of balancing, bug fixes and a few bits of new content. For example there's a set of 10 new enemies (one for ea...
3 files — 0.13.018 Nirvana
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