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Planedawn Orphans is a campaign kit that helps you prepare a campaign for the fantasy role-playing game of your choice. It provides a flexible and versatile framework to start a campaign. The campaign kit will help you get started and provide structure and support, but some assembly is required.

Created by Martin Nerurkar and Martin Buntz.

Stranded between the Planes

Set in the Planar City, a strange melting pot that connects the vast diversity of the multiverse. You all play Planar Orphans stranded in this city, your original home worlds destroyed, corrupted or lost. 

A mysterious Patron has brought you together, provided you with a base of operations and tasked you to complete a Planar Key. This key will let you create a new plane for you and your fellow refugees. Your quest will bring you to exotic places filled with strange creatures and bizarre phenomena.

What it is

This book is a campaign kit. It presents a structure and a collection of ideas that will help you plan your own campaign. Contrary to a predefined campaign, this leaves a lot of empty space for the GM and the players to fill.

We designed the core elements of the campaign (the orphans, the patron, the home base and the key) so that they provide maximum flexibility: Drop-in and drop-out play, a lot of variety in your missions, a focus on action rather than travel and even rotating GMs.

Campaign Benefits

  • Flexible for drop-in drop-out play
  • A medium to long-running campaign
  • Easy access to a wide variety of strange planes and exotic locales
  • Highly varied character backgrounds and concepts are possible
  • A clear goal and a way to measure campaign progress
  • Can accommodate multiple rotating GMs


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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this is super interesting! i'd love to run a campaign with this framework, but i'm having trouble finding an rpg system that it would fit with. do you have any suggestions?


oh, hm. I‘m mean D&D is the obvious one but I‘m a big fan of Dungeon World… I‘ve ran and enjoyed a bunch of planar fantasy games with that system…


I hadn't heard of dungeon world before, i'll have to check it out! I'm also considering doing a small hack of Blades in the Dark (i'd been meaning to make a planar rpg for a while now, it's such an underrated genre of fantasy) for it, or maybe trying out something like Troika. Thanks for the suggestion!

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There actually is a planar fantasy version of Blades in the Dark! It's called SIG: City of Blades and it's actually referenced in an easter egg in the text! 

You can check it out here:

And you can grab it on itch, here: 


oh yes, i've seen Sig before! it's a little too heavy on the faction games aspect of blades for my taste, but i bet it could be made to fit the planedawn framework for people who enjoy that aspect of the fitd system


Understandable. I do like BitD but the whole metagame with the gang and the factions always felt too busy for me. I do enjoy more lightweight things.

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Here's Sig running on its own original system pre-BitD



Thanks for sharing!


Troika! should always be on a list of planar fantasy rpg systems!




might do it for you?

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  • Hypertellurians
  • Infinigrad Freelancer
  • Troika! with the City Running Troika supplement
  • Forthright (Sanctuary rules would be great for the Home Base)
  • Vagabonds of Dyfed with the Dortoka city-building supplement
  • Everway

You really are into planar fantasy! I love it!

If you have any thoughts on Planedawn Orphans, I'd love to hear them!

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