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this is super interesting! i'd love to run a campaign with this framework, but i'm having trouble finding an rpg system that it would fit with. do you have any suggestions?


oh, hm. I‘m mean D&D is the obvious one but I‘m a big fan of Dungeon World… I‘ve ran and enjoyed a bunch of planar fantasy games with that system…


I hadn't heard of dungeon world before, i'll have to check it out! I'm also considering doing a small hack of Blades in the Dark (i'd been meaning to make a planar rpg for a while now, it's such an underrated genre of fantasy) for it, or maybe trying out something like Troika. Thanks for the suggestion!

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There actually is a planar fantasy version of Blades in the Dark! It's called SIG: City of Blades and it's actually referenced in an easter egg in the text! 

You can check it out here:

And you can grab it on itch, here:


oh yes, i've seen Sig before! it's a little too heavy on the faction games aspect of blades for my taste, but i bet it could be made to fit the planedawn framework for people who enjoy that aspect of the fitd system


Understandable. I do like BitD but the whole metagame with the gang and the factions always felt too busy for me. I do enjoy more lightweight things.

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Here's Sig running on its own original system pre-BitD

Thanks for sharing!


Troika! should always be on a list of planar fantasy rpg systems!


might do it for you?

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  • Hypertellurians
  • Infinigrad Freelancer
  • Troika! with the City Running Troika supplement
  • Forthright (Sanctuary rules would be great for the Home Base)
  • Vagabonds of Dyfed with the Dortoka city-building supplement
  • Everway

You really are into planar fantasy! I love it!

If you have any thoughts on Planedawn Orphans, I'd love to hear them!

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