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The Mending Circle tells stories of hope and healing. You come together as a coven of three witches sent to help. You are there for those that have no one by their side. You can be a helping hand, that one lucky break they need to get back on their feet.

A witch helping a little child sleep, golden magical swirls surrounding her hands, a gentle purple background behind them.

In The Mending Circle you tell healing stories together. 

At their heart is always one or more of the Torn: someone in a state of pain or anxiety and in need of support. Most likely they are scared, poor, isolated or marginalized in some way that makes it difficult for them to access help themselves. This pain does not come from a physical ache but rather from a metaphorical, emotional wound. If it persists it often leads to more suffering radiating outwards. 

But this Wound catches the attention of three witches that set out to help. Using your magical charms you will help and guide the process of healing. As a first step the Torn needs to reach a state of relative safety and stability. Only after this is achieved can they confront the source of their pain and gain awareness. Finally, they have to make a new meaning for themselves to move forward.

Some friendly Words

Compassionate games are vital in our chaotic world. The Mending Circle is a game focused on those who offer succor and healing to those in need. It takes great courage to be vulnerable, but this game believes in you.

- Jason Pitre (Genesis of Legend Publishing)

What I really love about The Mending Circle is that it is a game about hope and healing, but not one that is afraid to show its teeth. It's about the authentic and difficult journey that healing demands.

- Avery Alder (Buried without Ceremony)

The Mending Circle is a beautiful, heartening entry into the growing Healing Games genre that inspires players to be kind to themselves and others.

- Anna Blackwell (Apothecaria, DELVE)

Playing the Game

The Mending Circle is a gm-less role-playing game for precisely three players. You use a mystical augury rite (with tarot cards, dripping wax, letter tiles etc.) to discover the basics of the Wound you have to heal. Then you narrate scenes together, exploring the world and the people of your story. A magical Wound Sigil guides your path and helps you lead the Torn towards healing.

A magical circle with three symbols representing the three stages of healing: Safety, Awareness and Meaning.

This game contains

  • A 100 page rulebook with full-color illustrations.
  • 8 aura playsheets for the different types of witches.
  • 2 help sheets making it easier to run the game.

Find out more on mendingcircle.sharkbombs.com

A mockup of the book cover showing three witches in purple and orange, with the title The Mending Circle in yellow

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Oct 31, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorsSharkbomb Studios, Martin Nerurkar
GenreRole Playing
TagsGM-Less, healing, Mental Health, poc-made, soft, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game, wholesome, witch
Average sessionA few hours
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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