Digital Cards Available!

I have just updated the Ex Umbra files to contain an additional little goody:

Digital Playtest Card Files!

I created these to playtest the game during the pandemic and wanted to make them available to everyone. So I spruced them up a bit with the official graphics and added a short set of instructions. They are now available to every buyer of Ex Umbra so that you can play via the internet or without needing to make your own cards.

The setup makes use of the comfortably simple and free online service You can simply start a new room and then upload and import the supplied configuration file to get the set up going in no time.

I hope this is useful to you folks! Let me know how if there are any questions!

- Martin


ExUmbra Digital Playing Cards 148 kB
Nov 21, 2020

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quick heads up the method for loading in the cards is different from the tutorial now, you can't load it directly into the room ( the option is there but it doesn't load the cards), but you can load it from the main page, down at the bottom of the game list there is a "Import game file" button.

Ah! Thanks for the update!