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Ex Novo is a playable city-generator to construct fictional villages and towns. This physical game can be played alone or with up to 3 friends. Playtime ranges from 1 to 3 hours. 

Meet with your friends and collaboratively draw the map of your city as you explore the conditions that led to its founding and the events that shape its development. 

Our aim was a generator that builds settlements that are useful for further creative use. For example in narrative endeavors or as preparation for pen and paper role-playing games.

Please share your cities with us using the hashtag #exnovo.

Created by Martin Nerurkar and Konstantinos Dimopoulos.

Playing Ex Novo

You (and up to three friends) take on the role of the guardian spirit of a freshly founded settlement. Its founding just brought you into existence. And with it it brought you your purpose: to witness its growth, shepherd its development and remember its stories.

As you play you will make sense of the events happening as you draw and plan on a collaborative map of the settlement and its changing shape. In the end you will have created an interesting fictional place with a sense of history.

Sequence of Play

Play begins with a brief discussion phase. Here each player shares their assumptions and expectations. You will also determine city size and age in this phase.

Then we move to the founding phase. Taking turns, each player defines some of the basics of the settlement, such as its purpose or the surrounding terrain. Whenever a feature is determined the acting player will draw it onto the map. By following the predefined sequence of turns you will end up with an interesting starting situation.

After this you enter into the development phase. Here each turn adds an interesting event that needs to be interpreted by the active player. During this time the settlement will grow, change or even shrink. This is where the exciting history of your city is played out, its shape evolves and the map grows.

The final phase is the topping out phase. Here a few quick turns are all that's needed to wrap up the development of the city and tie off all loose ends.

And finally you'll be left with an interesting settlement that you can enjoy or use as a jumping off point for something else, like a role-playing campaign.

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Get this game and 1 more for $16.00 USD
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