Yes! YES! The goblins are out!

After fiddling with this game for a while it's finally here! Just in time for the holidays. You can now get Goblin Errands and play it.

Making the game was a pretty high octane process so now I'm taking a brief break before I'll dive back into it. The game is fully playable and has everything you need but I do think I might want to make it even better. There's a number of text areas I want to clean or spruce up. I feel like the more I wrote the more I found the books voice, which is nice. However it also means that currently the early pages of the book feel a lot more dry than the final ones. Something to rectify. Oh and I would also like to put in more artwork. Beside the cover the book is still a bit empty and it would be nice to have some small pieces here and there, especially for the different playsheets.

In any case, I hope you'll enjoy checking it out!


Goblin Errands 8.9 MB
Dec 01, 2021

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