Playtest Preview update!

The first big update to Goblin Errands! This one features a number of rule tweaks and improvements to the text to help make it run better. All of the changes came out of my own playtests prior to the Kickstarter.

This version is the playtest preview that will soon be distributed to all the Kickstarter backers but as loyal goblin-friends and early supporters you'll get it a little earlier. I hope you'll enjoy it! And I'd love to hear what you think!

Here's a rough overview over the changes:

  • The Braincell was renamed to Focus to feel less ableist in its language. It also makes the text on the playsheets shorter :D
  • It is now the responsibility of the player to upgrade their stumbles to successes by suggesting complications. But everyone at the table can help and give ideas. This takes some of the responsibility of the GM/TP, who can still be involved but doesn't have to always be the one coming up with complications
  • There is the opportunity for players to "spend the focus" without having it. It's called overextending and it's bound to go wrong in hilarious ways. 
  • I have added a GM agenda to give you some goals to strive towards
  • I've overhauled the playbooks with a lot of changed, removed or new feats
  • I have removed one of the generic starting feats to make things clearer: There is now a story feat tat lets you add details and a action feat that lets you do cool or strange things
  • I have also added a flavor-question to the big starting feat on each of the playbooks to let players customize their character and maybe even to do some world building too.

And that should cover most of it. I'm happy the text is now in a good state so the next step is to move on to the stretch goals. And first in line there are the new playbooks. It'll be a while before they are ready to be released but if you're curious about playtesting any half-finished versions, do join the Discord!

Talk to you all soon,

💚 Martin


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Mar 02, 2022

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