New prophets for the wasteland!

This winter on Soma brings and early present for everyone:

Two brand new prophet classes to unlock and play! And of course these come with a set of brand new leader cards. And then there's a host of other tweaks and changes to the cards and game! Read on to find out more!

The Seer

Quiet and introspective, the seer has the talent of sight. A seer can glance through space and time to stay one step ahead. A gift and a burden at once.

Mechanically the Seer's give of sight is done with Locate. Locate is a brand new mechanic that allows you to select a card from up to three presented to you. By default these cards are pulled from your deck and allow you to get what you need, when you need it.

Precognition is a simple card that allows you to locate a card from among your next three leader cards.

However the Seer also has a more sinister mechanic: Sacrifice. By sacrificing your own units (which will not wound them) you can get even more value out of your people.

Eye for an Eye, which was changed in this update, is one such card. By sacrificing one of your followers you can destroy a random enemy follower. This can set up quite favorable traits, if you manage to control the battlefield enough.

To unlock the Seer, all you need to do is meet the hermit Shree Kha in his cave and get him to join you.

The Spider

A friend to machines, the spider has mastered speaking to the things made of metal. This makes him an excellent ally, if a tad unpredictable.

The spider is a strange recluse that works well with the machines of Soma. He combines well with the drone keyword followers.

Crash Protocol which was updated and now buffs a drone for +2/+0 and makes it fight against a random enemy target. That's great for just one Energy but since the drones are unpredictable, you can never know what it'll go up against.

This unpredictability also makes his way into the Spider's mind and actions. Many of his effects have random targets and effects, like:

Mind Shredder, which deals 2 damage to a random unit. And it does that for a total of 8 times. Note that it is truly random and might hit your units as well!

To unlock the Spider you need to leave a follower behind at the fallen star's sibling.

Class tweaks

Apart from that a number of the other classes got slight tweaks to their starting decks and level up cards. Here's some of those:

No big changes necessary
• Legendary: Replacing Bury with Bold Strike (was an Echo card)

Strengthening the debuff (-x/-x) presence in the echo's cards
• Common: Replacing Quick Reflexes with Infect
• Rare: Replacing Crippling Strike (was Mind Break)

Improving the Stun combos in Echo
• Rare: Point Blank replaced by Slash
• Rare: Slam adjusted to kill targets if they are already wounded
• Legendary: Bold Strike replaced by Stun Symbol

Starting Deck more in line with changes
• Blackout changed to Infect
• Mind Seize replaced by Slice
• Slash replaced by Choking Fog

No big changes ncessary
• Legendary: Coordinated Tactics replaced by new card Loyalty Shift

Starting deck adjusted to strengthen discard
• Infect replaced by Bolder
• Rally replaced by Riot (changed to sometimes force discard)

Strengthened control through mass damage cards
• Rare: Unstable Weaponry replaced by Mind Seize
• Legendary: Battlefield Trance replaced by Mind Break

Starting deck adjusted accordingly
• Blessed Strength replaced by Static Charge
• Decoy replaced by Guard
• Unstable Weaponry replaced by Secure
• White Noise replaced by Mind Seize

The small stuff

And here's the various smaller changes, taken straight from the changelog:

Tweaking leader cards
• A number of leader cards were changed and twewaked to harmonize with the new classes
• Riot: Now discards and draws cards
• Eye for an Eye: Ssacrifice a follower to destroy a random enemy follower
• Desperate Action: Only does two damage and draws a leader c ard
• Heavy Slug: No longer draws a leader card for the enemy
• Juggernaut: Now refreshes the target
• Crash Protocol: Targeted drone now fights a random enemy target
• All sacrifice effects now no longer deal a wound

More stats tracking
• A larger number of interesting gameplay stats are now being tracked by the game
• Your current and overall stats are now be visible in the collections stats and cargo screens

• Reduced requirements for convoy perk unlocks to 20 fights (was 50), 5 milestones (was 15) and 8 bosses (was 25)
• All classes had their level up and starting decks tweaked slightly
• Feral Guide to 5/3 (was 6/3)
• The Tempest to 6/7 (was 6/6)
• Hired Gun to 3/4 (was 4/3)
• Sweeper to 5/4 (was 5/3)
• Chatri Matriarch to 5/5 (was 5/4)
• Rabid Lizard to 3/5 (was 3/4)
• Reclycer to 4/6 (was 6/4)
• Berserker to 4/4 (was 3/3)
• Caste Overseer to 5/7 (was 6/6)
• Matyr reduced to 4-cost 4/3 (was 5-cost 5/3)
• Company Agent reduced to 4 5-cost 4/5 (was 6-cost 4/7)
• Anointed inquisitor reduced to 7-cost and 3/8 (was 8-cost 7/6)
• Strategist reduced to 4-cost 2/2 and gained Stealth (was 7-cost 7/7)
• Shadow to 2/3 and gained Stealth (was 5/3)
• Lumbering Chambal to 3/6 (was 2/6) but only gains +3/+0 on Fury (was +4/+0)
• Savage Aibhana gained Brawl
• Protector now adds armor on revenge
• Deceiver now steals followers permanently
• Siege Breaker was set to rare by mistake, has been corrected to legendary

• Fixing a large number typos in UI text and events (Thanks to Ophidian for the event checks and everyone for the reports!)
• Can now click on the deck piles to look into the decks (only your own) and discard piles (all)

• Tea luxury item now heals properly again
• Ruster Lifter now heals over his starting HP again
• AI can now properly play Brawl followers
• Removed a few erroneous Attack tags from cards
• Can no longer spend two Focus points on one card by double clicking
• Wild shot can now also target obstacles as intended


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