Bugfix update 0.10.011

Another quick bugfix release that cleans up some minor bugs and fixes some issues in the content and clarifies some interface elements.


- Route Node Details: Only the missing resource turns red, not both
- Event Rewards: Resource gains (Mindset, Hope etc.) now have a "+" in front
- Shop: Health & Armor buff diplays no longer visible when buying Slaves (Arena location)
- Stealth: Erroneous display of Stealth smoke fixed
- Poison: Re-enabled functionality properly
- Follower Wound behavior fixed: All followers now die to the fourth wound
- Used scrap button now greys out completely.
- XP bar now behaves properly and learning cards at teacher no longer auto-levels up
- Convoy stats for defeated enemies now counts up properly.
- Tainted status prevents further Altruist gain again
- Mindset status display bugs removed
- Duplicate buffs on player leader fixed

Cards & Buffs:
- Infect card now has proper targeting
- Taunt Heal Construct now given name and image
- Restoration Mandala & Stone Chakra no longer have same color on image
- Mounting Pressure cost increased
- Beast Reinforcement buff costs one momentum at end of turn

- Position of event option buttons in surrender events unified
- When pillaging settlers no longer flee
- Abandoned Refinery Operator stat change removed

Text & Images:
- Momentum Tooltip: Outdated reference to scrapping and momentum gain removed
- Reference to "Trap Cards" in Card Progress removed
- Pause icon changed to settings icon 
- Added "Cost:" to event buttons
- Tutorial: "To win you have to _ attack to" - missing "to"
- Tutorial: "to to" typo
- Event: Seemed like a resonable deal... "but but" duplicate
- First View: "Start your Journey" text changed to "Open your Map"
- Event: Two invite options on event renamed to be different


Nowhere Prophet First Access - WIN 272 MB
Version 0.10.011 Karma Oct 20, 2017
Nowhere Prophet First Access - OS X 275 MB
Version 0.10.011 Karma Oct 20, 2017
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.10.011 Karma Oct 20, 2017

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