Tower Class - v0.12.016

New year, new update. I initially wanted to release this one before Christmas, but as mentioned in the roadmap: Things got a little chaotic and it just did not pan out. But now, for v0.12.016 MANDALA we finally have the first unlockable class! As usual: If you're using the app the game will auto-update, otherwise you'll simply have to re-download! 

The TOWER joins the fold. This operator is a robust and stoic warrior. Adept at protecting and patching you up. This class interacts a lot with heal, taunt and armor effects. See if you can find out how to unlock the guy but here's a small hint: Follow the stories of the Grim Ribbon.

So, what's next? Next up is extending the game by another map, which means you'll be able to visit the Ziggurat and see what lies beyond. As part of that I want to touch up some of the existing milestone events. And with that also bring in another unlockable convoy: The Faithful. And, if there's some time remaining then I finally want to add a proper help view, since my original screen-context help plan did not work out. So if everything goes according to plan I'll be able to release that update within this month.

Anyway, here's the changelog for this patch:


Balancing Changes

  • Starvation/Desperation damage reduced
  • Food costs flattened and food rewards improved slightly

System Changes

  • Events can now be triggered based on the map number

Content Changes

  • Adding support for copying/unsummoning of followers
  • Adding some new cards to make use of that feature
  • Added unlockable Tower Class

Minor changes

  • Hard Market text fixes
  • Fixed some shop inventory issues
  • Added some backer names to credits and follower pool
  • Prophet now has pain/heal anim in lower bar of travel screens 
  • Some events (for example: Judgement) did not properly remove followers
  • Hint about auto-saving in pause menu
  • Scrap Button is disabled in first combat
  • Bugfix for unknown AI crash
  • AI more robust in case of crashes - ends turns instead of freezing the game

And that's it. If you've got any feedback on these changes, do let me know! And don't forget to join the Discord Channel!


Nowhere Prophet First Access - WIN 272 MB
Version 0.12.016 Mandala Jan 15, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - OS X 275 MB
Version 0.12.016 Mandala Jan 15, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.12.016 Mandala Jan 15, 2018

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