Help & Difficulty Select - v0.12.011

It's the last day of January so still plenty of time to release the second January build. 

So today it's time for v0.12.021. And just as planned, another convoy joins the lineup: The FAITHFUL. A community dedicated to the preservation of the holy relics of the past. Can you find them and convince them to join your cause? 

Apart from these friendly folks I also managed to add the help menu as planned. You can now access a handy guide to read up on the game rules, keywords and some general strategy tips. Check that out!

But not only that, I also added selectable difficulty modes! This feature was originally planned for the end of March but I heard a few people from both ends of the spectrum: Either hoping for a difficulty level that was a bit relentless, and one that's more challenging. So you can now select from the three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Hard! 

As usual: If you're using the app the game will auto-update, otherwise you'll simply have to re-download! 

Anyway, here's the complete changelog for this patch:


Major Changes

  • Gameplay: Added difficulty selection (Easy, Normal & Hard)
  • Gameplay: Changed some cards to balance (Raider, Janwar Bear etc.)
  • Gameplay: Added Faithful convoy and unlock event
  • Gameplay: Added another map to the travel distance
  • Interface: Added help screen in main menu

Minor changes

  • Interface: Enemy AI shows message when it has an error calculating
  • Interface: Added "Return to Camp" or "Return to Prophet" button after learning a card
  • Interface: Changed wording on blast cards to be "target tile" not "target follower"
  • Balancing: Some high health followers had their attack reduced slightly 
  • Balancing: XP gain on fortification nodes increased
  • Tutorial: Added reminder on positioning on fourth fight
  • Bugfix: Cards replaced during Mulligan are now reshuffled into deck instead of discarded
  • Bugfix: Renaming prophet now properly updates small prophet view in lower bar
  • Bugfix: Route-options again offer different factions & terrain
  • Bugfix: Operator view in lower bar not updating XP bar on level up

And that's it. If you've got any feedback on these changes, do let me know! And don't forget to join the Discord Channel!


Nowhere Prophet First Access - WIN 272 MB
Version 0.12.021 Mandala Jan 31, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - OS X 275 MB
Version 0.12.021 Mandala Jan 31, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.12.021 Mandala Jan 31, 2018

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