Blessed be! (v0.16.001 Rishi)

I'm busy polishing the game, getting in the last bits of content and making sure it plays as good as I can. That means this release is mostly tweaks, such as the plethora of new sound effects in game! Everything audible has been tweaked and improved and the game's sound scape is a lot richer now. And the same is true for the enemies - they should be easier now on the lower levels and easier difficulties, while being harder on the harder ones.

The only really noticeable new thing is - I think - the blessed status. The follower that deals the killing blow is now blessed. Blessed means they will start fights with +1/+0 and will stay blessed until next wounded. Oh, and getting blessed will also heal that follower, so you may want to keep some of your wounded folks in the deck to benefit from that.

And while all this balancing and tweaking is slow and doesn't feel like much, I've done added a bunch of small tweaks to the game: Quest nodes now feature hints so you know which quest has generated them, Tooltips no longer leave the screen, buffs/permanents are now properly displayed in items and overviews, there's a visual effect for taunt followers joining etc. etc.

And that's it for this update. There will be one or two updates in August as I continue tweaking the difficulty of combat and travel resources. I am thinking of simplifying the map a bit, so any thoughts on that are welcome, as always.


Major Changes

  • Feature: The follower that deals the killing blow is now blessed. They are healed and gain +1/+0 until they are next wounded.
  • Interface: Added new SFX to many visual effects (Lot of button still need sfx)
  • Interface: Tweaked volume of all existing SFX (fewer eardrum-shattering shots)
  • Interface: Improved momentum display in combat
  • Balancing: All Banshee legendaries buffed
  • Balancing: All enemies rebalanced: Different buffs, changed decks.
  • Balancing: All travel costs reduced

Minor Changes

  • Interface: When moving units, show attack markers if the target can attack
  • Interface: Conflict card cost box greys out when you can't pay the card
  • Interface: Buffs are displayed more consistently in travel screens
  • Interface: Tooltips are no longer cut off at the top or bottom of the screen
  • Interface: Quest nodes now feature proper hints
  • Interface: Added visual FX for followers with Taunt on join
  • Interface: Different images for different maps
  • Interface: No more card sounds when loading combat
  • Interface: Improved Convoy Perk display
  • Interface: Battery cards now have a proper popup window
  • Tutorial: Made some pages clearer
  • Balance: Enemy AI values empty lanes on it's side more
  • Balance: Bosses now drop legendary loot
  • Balance: Rejuvenate now Pulls instead of Pushes
  • Balance: Decoy is now a 2 cost with reduced stats
  • Bugfix: Hand cards no longer fuss up their sorting
  • Bugfix: Weakness when only one follower is present no longer sets health to int.maxValue but simply does nothing
  • Bugfix: Village background is no long straight up white
  • Bugfix: Some buff descriptions improved
  • Bugfix: Heal order is fixed
  • Bugfix: removed erroneous taunt from scion oracle
  • Bugfix: Follower Quick View now updates properly when followers are healed


Nowhere Prophet First Access - WIN 272 MB
Version 0.16.001 Rishi Jul 27, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - OS X 275 MB
Version 0.16.001 Rishi Jul 27, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.16.001 Rishi Jul 27, 2018

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