Balancing & Backers (v0.16.010 Rishi)

Suffering under the heat I bring you another update! This one has a deceptively short changelog but a lot of things have cahnged.

I've spent most of August playing the game a lot and tweaking many parts of it. Mostly changing the balancing of cards, adjusting starting decks, changing the cards gained during level up, adding a few new cards. Lots of things trying to make the balance of the game better. It should now be easier on Easy, while staying hard on Hard. 

A key thing that changed is that enemies have more consistent buffs now, so on the higher levels and on the fortifications you will now run into enemies with some special abilities. In the past these were only on some of the enemies, which made certain factions hard to fight against. 

Now if you've got some time to play, I'd love your thoughts and feedback, especially on the difficulty level.

Apart from that there's also a brand new tutorial character! Most you, being done with the tutorial, will probably not see them but you can check out a preview and some in progress work above! Also there's new artwork for followers, bringing in the last of the backer faces!

And that's it! And as always: Stay hydrated!

- Martin

EDIT: Just pushed 0.16.011, a small bugfix update.


Major Changes

  • Balance: Wounds no longer add -0/-1 penalty
  • Balance: Recruiting now drops fewer followers
  • Balance: All travel costs are the same, regardless of road size
  • Content: New tutorial character with different animations
  • Content: No more duplicated follower faces
  • Content: Added backer follower faces

Minor Changes

  • Balance: Union Grenadier now does more obstacle damage
  • Balance: Rare & Legendary food items in stores are now cheaper
  • Bugfix: Fixed stuck follower-outlines on larger size
  • Bugfix: Pain is Wisdom buff now works as intended
  • Interface: Blessing animation now removes wound display


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Version 0.16.010 Rishi Aug 21, 2018
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Version 0.16.010 Rishi Aug 21, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.16.010 Rishi Aug 21, 2018

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