Routes & Loca (0.19.010 Upasana)

Warning: This update will break your save game!

The year is closing out and it's time to round off this game here. This update is filled with a bunch of changes, many small but let's talk about the more obvious and important ones:

Route Shapes 

So far the overall journey always followed the same shape: A decision between two routes at the end of each milestone. This didn't allow you to plan much across the entire trip. I've always wanted to address that issue, something I've finally gotten around to: The Route Selection screen was completely overhauled and there's now a few different shapes available. There's still the very straight one, but there's options where you can take more risky paths and skip milestones, for example. 

This required a major change to the data structure underneath, which means all older save games will be incompatible with this update.


Large parts of the game are now available in French and German, and there's also an incomplete Spanish version. I've translated the German myself and very special thanks go out to Kevin aka kikivikikiwi for his work on the French.

So far everything has been translated except the card texts, buff texts and the events. These will come in a future update but until then there's a small note in the main menu if you're using an incomplete translation.

And if you're interested in helping with the translation, join the discord server and speak up in the #translation channel.

Sound Effects

The next bigger change is the consistent addition of sound effects to the game. All buttons now consistently make sounds, there's sounds for back buttons, cards & followers now have a hover SFX etc. This is a small but very present change so I'd love everyone's feedback. I've known the game for so long it's very hard for me to judge if the sound is annoying or useful.

Trigger Changes

There's also a much more under-the-hood change in now. I've adjusted the way things trigger to fix some bugs (scrap armament etc.). However this relates to everything that triggers so some things might behave a tad different now. I've tested a lot but it is very possible that I've missed it - I'm only one person and the game's pretty complex, after all. So if you spot any weirdness in relation to any combat effects, please let me know!

What's Next

Well, the next step is to migrate the game from Unity 5.4 to Unity 2018.2. This is a big change but needed to stay compatible with current devices. I've already started on it and it looks like it might even improve the game, but there's some fiddling and testing needed to make sure everything works as planned. 

And there's enough work in all other areas of the game. Especially making it possible to translate the entirety of the game's text...


  • Translation
    • Added German (not for events, cards & status effects)
    • Added French (not for events, cards & status effects)
    • Added Spanish (very incomplete)
    • Added language tutorial hint when playing with/selecting incomplete language
  • Interface
    • Added incomplete translation note
    • Changed "new version" hint in main menu
    • Improved Route selection screen 
    • Added consistent SFX to all buttons
    • Added new Hover SFX to cards and combat items
    • Added new SFX for tooltip display
    • Added tooltips to various stats and buttons
  • Feature
    • Added more route shapes
    • Quest nodes can now overwrite unused nodes if they can't find secret nodes to put themselves on
  • Bugfix
    • Some typos fixed in English
    • Intro music was missing
    • Travel would stop if the game couldn't find a legal event. You could continue by loading the save game, but now travel won't stop
    • Changed the way some triggers work: Rash Strike and Exploit Weakness now trigger properly on kill, even if the cards' damage was buffed. Scrap buffs that increase damage now properly resolve after the card was drawn
  • Balance
    • Shielded no longer protects from indirect targeting like Blind Shot
    • Pilgrim stats changed (2/1 to 1/2)
    • Razor stats changed (1/3 to 2/2)
    • Jaroon Climber stats changed (2/2 to 3/1) 
    • Exploit Weakness cost changed (3 to 2)
    • Reduced hope and battery gain from valuables a tad in later levels


Nowhere Prophet First Access - WIN 272 MB
Version 0.19.010 Upasana Dec 12, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - OS X 275 MB
Version 0.19.010 Upasana Dec 12, 2018
Nowhere Prophet First Access - LINUX 288 MB
Version 0.19.010 Upasana Dec 12, 2018

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Small update: I've gotten some reports of errors in the new version. If you encounter anything, please send a screenshot or the log my way!