Steam Test Keys

Update: All keys are gone

I've mentioned it in both the newsletter and the latest devlog update

It's time to test the Steam integration

While the launch is still a ways out I wanted to get started testing all the Steam things with some of you, so to that end I've just added a few Steam Keys to itch, so those of you that have purchased the game can request their key.

A few things to note:

  • I only have a limited contingent for now so if you do request a Steam key, please do play the game and send me feedback and bug reports!
  • Requesting a steam key from itch will use up the one Steam key you will get for your itch purchase
  • This steam key is a test key which allows you to install and play the game even though it's not yet available on Steam - this may lead to some display issues within Steam (such as not being able to view all achievements)
  • The steam version will update alongside the itch version.

So if all of that sounds fine, do go ahead and request a key from itch! Here's a guide on how to do so.

Stay hydrated!

- Martin

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